1. Do you operate your own facility?

Yes, we do.  Our facility is located at 1350 Margo St. Los Angeles, CA 90015.  

Unlike other Online Services, we handle our own In House process. 

2. Can you provide a next day service?

Yes, we can.  There is an additional 20% surcharge for Expediting your order.  

3. Can I bring my own items to your facility?

Yes, You can.  We always welcome your visit. Please let us know when you are visiting our production facility. 

4. Do you have your own APPs?

Coming Soon!

We are developing our own APPs for your convenience.  

5. Can you provide the ordering bags?

Yes, we will.  At the time of your First Pickup, our Professional member will bring your bag and will return your order with the bag.   

6. How long is your Professional Wet Clean experience?

Our venture started in 1998. Since then, over 80 locations are working together with us in California.  

And US Military have been using our Professional Wet Clean Process for their Uniform Care.  

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